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My Passion is Compassion

I am very passionate about helping people help themselves.  It took an entire community of people to get me to where I am today.  My focus now is on giving back.  I have transformed my empathy into compassion and advocacy.   I advocate for the fair and compassionate treatment of those suffering from mental health and addiction issues.  These are some of the most amazing people that walk the face of the earth.  I am making it my mission to rehabilitate them and introduce them to the world.  The world needs more people in recovery.  Find out more about my story.

My Passion is Recovery

It has become clear to me that societal and governmental support of addiction recovery is not going to change.  Therefore, our approach to recovery must change to work within this limited support.  I have developed a model of recovery that utilizes the limited governmental resources at the start of the process and evolves into a self-sufficient and empowering support system.  This program is broken into three separate stages, two of which are supported directly by the program.  The program lasts up to a year and provides the individual with everything they will require to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  I call this program Residents in Recovery.

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